MY Journey

This is only beginning..

About ME

It was the final year of my university degree and like most students I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do after I graduated. I had spent most of university doing that and had hoped that by the time final year rolled around I would have settled on something. Unfortunately, I was still an indecisive mess. I thought I wanted to go into sales, I liked being around people and working towards goals. I even completed a sales internship at a big tech company the previous summer to experience what it was like, and I thought it could work. I enjoyed the 10-weeks, I met some great people along the way and even applied for the graduate scheme.

Somewhere along the line I realised that whilst I loved the internship experience and the people I had met, I wasn't in love with the career. It didn't align so well with my values and expectations. I wanted to have a career that would have a meaningful impact on the people I worked with. 

After this sinking realisation, I decided that a gap year would help me figure out what my next steps would be - mostly because I didn't want to jump into anything, only to leave a few months later. Besides, we have the rest of our lives to work, why rush into it?

My gap year wouldn't be aimless though! That much was certain. As you get to know me, you will realise that I am a purposeful planner. I like my time to be filled with opportunities to develop my skills and grow as an individual. Which is why I will be spending the year working on my Spanish. It has always been a goal of mine to become fluent in the language and self-teaching myself every so often on Duolingo just wasn't cutting it anymore. I needed to challenge myself and what better way than to move to the west of Spain where there will be limited English and it's do or die. The plan is to be there for a minimum of six months, after which I'll head to Colombia and Ecuador to experience the Latin American culture.

But I can only escape for so long.

In February 2019, I accidentally stumbled upon personal coaching. It had all the aspects I was looking for in a career: it was social, I would be helping people and it was challenging with room to grow and develop. Becoming a personal coach will not be easy, and although I relish the idea of being my own boss, it is quite daunting. I am aware that it will be a lot of hard work building this career from scratch, but it is a challenge that I have taken on and I am eager to conquer. 

I have a lot of exciting things planned - so enjoy the ride with me.